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Comedy Podcasts to Listen To


Comedy Podcasts to Listen To

Here are three podcasts that I can always count on for not only a laugh but also to feel good afterwards as well.


A couple years ago, I was invited to a comedy special taping and the opening act was Josh Gondelman, who I admit, I had never heard of.  Fast forward to now, I have no memory of who the taping was for but am now a huge fan of Josh.


Not only is he known as one of the nicest people on twitter, but if you happen to have good timing, you can get a short pep talk from him there. He’s also a comedy writer for Desus and Moro.  


His podcast, Make My Day with Josh Gondelman, has been a staple listen especially during hard pandemic times.  He always has one (sometimes two) guests who play to make Josh laugh.  Here’s one on my favorite episodes:


Make My Day Episode 5: A Super Jane Austen Thing with Karen Chee



Another comedian who has brought me great delight is Atsuko Okatsko.  She has a podcast called Let’s Go, Atsuko which is inspired by Japanese Game shows, but she also appears as a guest on different pods and it’s always enjoyable. Side note: if you have never seen a Japanese game show, you must. My favorite challenge is where people have to fit themselves into different shapes to get through people shaped hole.  Most recently, she has been sharing dance videos with her grandma, and her artist husband.  


Let's Go, Atsuko!


Here’s Atsuko guesting on Tig Notaro’s podcast, Don’t Ask Tig, where you learn how to say both of their names correctly because sometimes names are hard, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't get them right:


Don't Ask Tig with Atsuko Okatsuka


And here’s her Ig if you want to check out Grandma Li and those fun video. Instagram! 


And rounding out my trio is actually two comedians, Joel Kim Booster and Mitra Jouhari, who make up the pod Urgent Care. WHEEOOOEEEOOO (iykyk)! Not only do you learn more about their personal lives through this pod but you also hear them answer guest questions, and always with a sense of humor. They also do updates, which I love, because I get invested in these people that write in.  Does the advice work? Did they take it? What happened?? 





Check out any episode of their pod and I guarantee at least one chuckle:


Urgent Care with Joel Kim Booster + Mitra Jouhari


Happy listening!



3 Replies

Wanna learn more and join the podcast chat community? Check out this post:

I love Urgent Care!  I listen to it all the time while doing dishes and stuff.

I love Smartless and another one that nobody has heard of called FTS: Friends Talking Shop. Smartless is with celebs we all know but FTS is with 3 guys who've never heard of. Both are hilarious due to the way the hosts play off each other...I love that format. You should check them out!

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