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How can I Delete Podcasts from My Shows


How can I Delete Podcasts from My Shows

I think this gets asked over and over but can someone from Spotify tell me how to remove Podcasts I no longer want in My Shows. I don't want them in my queue. I have learned my lesson, don't "try" listening. They all end up queued.


Please sirs!

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I have the same problem. So annoying why is there even an option to stop following a podcast if it ends up in the queue anyway...

The pod part of Spotify is pretty broken, but this is the most annoying problem 

I have the same problem. I cannot get rid of the "Smartless" podcast from [My Shows]. It also starts playing if I'm listening to other podcasts. It's just annoying. I have tried other suggestions, such as (1) marking all as played, (2) following and unfollowing, (3) logging out and then logging back in, and (4) following many other, better, podcasts to try to "push it out". None of those work. The "Smartless" podcast is like a cancer that won't go away... I'm not sure if they are paying Spotify to keep it there. It's like U2 and the iPhone fiasco. Spotify, please let us listen to ONLY WHAT WE WANT!

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