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Joe Rogan Podcast not loading new episodes


Joe Rogan Podcast not loading new episodes

Hello all, for the past 3 weeks I can't access the most recent Joe Rogan experience Podcast episodes. The last one I can listen to is Dave Portnoy. I really need help with this.


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Hello, I'm having the exact same issue. So glad it ain't only me. Last episode available is Dave Portnoy. Following this thread 

It's weird that Spotify isn't even trying to fix this issue.

How can it be fixed or what is wrong with spotify

I don't know. Is there anyone we can contact?

Same here, could it be region restricted for some reason? I'm in Kenya.

Same issue - no access at all since #1920 - I'm in Zimbabwe 

I'm in Africa too. Spotify is always doing this to African subscribers. It's messed up 🤦🏾‍♂️

Still no solution?! Why am I paying for this again? 
They took his Podcast off Youtube so they could restrict who can view it on here?!

Same story. Tested in Georgia and Mali

What's worse is they just stopped it with no prior warning and no information till now. I can't understand how a major company can behave in such a disgusting manner. This is the whole reason I started paying for Spotify to begin with 🤦🏾‍♂️

Have the same issue with no solution can’t find anyone to help. I am in Egypt btw so seems like it might be a region restriction issues ! This is so disappointing 

Another day of big tech companies treating Africa and Africans like an afterthought 😠

Same thing in Mauritius. I thought the guy was on holiday or something until i saw his recent IG post. Can't get anything beside Portnoy. What's the solution?

I'm in Mauritius as well. 

I'm in Kenya and experiencing the same. No new episodes after 1920. I thought that it's coz I'm on the free version but from the comments I see it's the same for paid subscribers. How/where can one complain?

Same problem in Botswana, Premium subscription and no new episodes of jre since 5th of Jan. Anyone know who to ask in spotify??? 

Same last episode was Dave from barstool. I did everything possible deleted the app, deleted storage, logout and tried different channels web player, laptop, phone etc and I also tried getting in contact with Spotify support they guy said it’s not a technical or payment issues and cut of the communication 😂 it’s very obvious it’s a regional issue either they’re having problems with the server or they decided that we shouldn’t be listening to Rogan anymore 😂 maybe if someone could tag him or Jamie on social media and tell him this is happening we could see a resolution 

I thought it was just Africa but I've seen complaints from Uzbekistan, Georgia etc. I wonder what we can do about it.

The only reason I use Spotify is for the JRE and Lex Fridman. And now both I can't listen the the latest episodes. This is a breach of contract: I give you(Spotify) my money and you give me the content I want. This is not a good way to keep customers

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