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[Podcasts] Does Spotify host music based podcasts?


[Podcasts] Does Spotify host music based podcasts?

I have been running a music based podcast for several years. Some podcast hosts will only take Creative Commons based podcasts to avoid copyright issues. I have stopped using those as I play commercially released tracks also. I now post only to MixCloud which allows copyrighted material and keeps it all legal. As Spotify is now starting to focus on podcasts, does it allow music based content? How does it deal with copyright issues?  

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Hey @VinceMillett,


Thanks for posting your question in the Community 🙂


Spotify has partnered up with a few podcast companies. One of these is called Anchor, and they allow you to host your podcast on their platform as well as to use music from Spotify within the podcast. To read more about this, just head here.


Let us know if you have any other questions, and good luck with the podcast 😉

As ever, this doesn't really answer the question.  You only refer to podcasts playing Spotify hosted music. I asked about music generally. Many of the tracks in my podcast are not on Spotify.  Will Anchor/Spotify  host podcasts with non-Spotify music in them? 

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