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Problems with uploading a podcast


Problems with uploading a podcast

Hi i have submitted via spreaker my podcast called "Sotterranei e Dragoni" and i have received this answer:
We want to make sure creators use the appropriate channels to share their content with our users. Spotify for Podcasters should not be used to distribute music tracks, DJ mixes, or similar musical content. Spotify reserves the right to remove podcasts that violate this policy, regardless of the licensing status of your music.
The fact Is that the music in that episode Is used as BACKGROUND music, with low volume and with voice over It. How can this be a problem? And most important. Is a problem can i can fix It?
Please Dont answer with: 
Have you contacted the spotify podcaster support team? 

because i did... and days have passed and i got no answer AT ALL i am tired, i tried to reach the chat on spotify support, the chat via facebook and now here... someone knows how to solve this?
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It's disheartening to face obstacles when trying to share your podcast on Spotify, especially when the background music usage seems innocuous. While awaiting a response from Spotify's support team, here are some steps you might consider to address the issue:

  1. Review Spotify's Content Policies: Familiarize yourself with Spotify's content policies to ensure compliance. Even if the music is low in volume and used as background, Spotify may have specific guidelines regarding music usage within podcasts.

  2. Consider Alternative Platforms: While waiting for clarification from Spotify, explore alternative podcast hosting platforms with more lenient policies on background music usage. This could serve as a temporary solution until the issue with Spotify is resolved.

  3. Modify Your Podcast Format: If feasible, consider removing or replacing the background music with royalty-free or licensed tracks that align with Spotify's policies. Adjusting your podcast format to meet platform guidelines may help prevent further issues.

  4. Follow Up with Spotify: While you've already reached out to Spotify's support team, consider following up with them to underscore the urgency of your situation. Provide specific details about your podcast and the steps taken to address the issue.

  5. Seek Community Assistance: Connect with other podcasters or online communities that may have encountered similar issues with Spotify. They may offer insights or suggestions based on their experiences.

For comprehensive guidance on uploading podcasts to Spotify and navigating challenges, check out this insightful article on Spotimax. It offers valuable tips and insights to help streamline the process and optimize your podcast's reach.

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