Serial Killers Mini-Series: Working Late

Serial Killers Mini-Series: Working Late

Due to the graphic nature of these episodes, listener discretion is advised. These episodes include discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen.


Do you feel it in the air? Look up-- the leaves are falling. Look to your left! A black cat just scurried across a rickety fence adorned with cobwebs-- it turns back to glare menacingly at you. That's right, it's FALL!  Time to wrap yourself in a sweater, cook up some hot cocoa, and get into some spooky, creepy podcasts. 


"Yes, I agree! Which ones, though?? WHICH ONES?!", we hear you clamor; don't worry and please stop yelling, we, as usual, have you covered. Well, more specifically, Parcast has you covered. While we do love talking about their typical Serial Killers episodes, we wanted to point some special attention to their recent mini-series: Working Late-- a deep dive into all of the professions that are most commonly filled by serial killers.




Working Late Pt. 1: Police


Working Late Pt. 2: Truck Drivers


Working Late Pt. 3: Laborers


Working Late Pt. 4: Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs


Working Late Pt. 5: Military


Working Late Pt. 6: Medical Professionals




Don't worry-- as the wind continues to blow and the wolves howl, we'll keep the creepy content coming. All you've got to do is stick around. 


In the meantime, feel free to check out our last examination of a murderer with Serial Killer's examination of Joshua Wade

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