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Spooky Stories: Haunted Houses


Spooky Stories: Haunted Houses

A creaky door. Handprints on a foggy window. Ghostly laughter drifting down the stairs. With just days until Halloweekend, we’re conjuring some spine-tingling fun with a journey through that late October mainstay: the haunted house.

Press play for four unbelievably real tales of haunted houses—and we aren’t just poking around cobweb-covered Victorian mansions. From an Iowa town haunted by a series of axe murders to suburban New Jersey, these stories will have you looking over your shoulder the whole way through; also heard those creepy footsteps behind us, right?

Unexplained - I See You:


Supernatural - Haunted: The Winchester Mystery House

Spooked - The Night Whistler


Morbid - The Villisca Axe Murders Pt 1


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