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Spotify keeps suggesting me "weird" podcasts


Spotify keeps suggesting me "weird" podcasts

Hello this is the best place to ask what is happening to my Spotify right now. For the past week I when I load up Spotify on my phone all it's suggests in the podcast section is p0rπ podcasts. I have no clue why I literally don't even watch podcasts as a whole. I have had some saved podcasts for later such as "Chris Chan a compressive history" and "2 bears 1 cave" but it just started happening. Please someone help me get rid of it, my family can see it on my phone sometimes and it is really embarrassing. Thanks in advance

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 Hey man, you're not alone, I had a weird, dangerous, and evil LGBTQ+ parenting episode by Planned Parenthood, a weird sexual podcast episode, along with demonic stories and scary, sad stuff. They may be targeting your online activity; using websites, particularly those connected to the left attaches cookies to you, allowing tracking and following as well as associates to do things normally impossible, like modify ad selection. Even listening to sexualized artists like Nicky Minaj or Cardi B could be the culprit. Also, associating with those connected to the **bleep** business and then stopping results in them targeting you and trying to get back your attention.


 Get a professional, and ask other Listeners with similar experiences for help on this. Spotify shouldn't be using outside activity to modify your search results or outside actors, like lobbyists or representatives for people with certain agendas. Weird evil things have been happening in the world. If I were you, I'd pray for help and ask God to get it away for you. Stick with cool music and comedy, and do not watch podcasts that aren't of value to you.

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