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Spotify no longer "remembers" what podcast episode I was listening to


Spotify no longer "remembers" what podcast episode I was listening to

Until a week or two ago, Spotify would "remember" or "bookmark" the episode I was listening to, after I had left the podcast and later returned. I was able to open the podcast and it would take me right back to where I had left off. Now however, every time I leave a podcast to listen to something else, when I return to that podcast, Spotify takes me to the title page (very beginning) of the podcast. Then I have to scroll through often hundreds of podcasts to get back to where I left off. Once I find the appropriate episode, fortunately it does keep track of where in the episode I was when I left. I am using an Android phone and I have confirmed that Spotify and my phone are using the latest updates. It used to keep track of the episode I was on, but now it doesn't. Please help. Thank you.

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This same thing happened to me around the same time and it's really irritating. I have to scroll past about 150 episodes to get to the ones I'm on, but it's a daily podcast, so I'm never going to catch up. And it doesn't help to sort by both oldest and unplayed because I would have to scroll past even more.

I would love to get a solution for this, it makes it feel almost unusable for podcasts now and it used to be perfectly fine

Ahh I think I just fixed it! I found another post somewhere in this forum where someone from Spotify recommended logging out 2 times in a row, which forces some kind of re-sync/refresh thing on your account. I logged out and back in 3 times in a row, and now I can listen to a podcast, change to music, then click on the podcast I was listening to in the "my shows" row, and it still take me right to where I left off. Woo!

Thank you so much. I think logging out, then back in 3 times, may have fixed the problem for most of the podcasts I listen to. However one of them is still up to it's old tricks, (still opening up at the podcast welcome screen), but I tried it on 3 or 4 other podcasts, and it took me back to the episode I had last been listening to. Looks like we're back in business! Yipee! Thank you again. Happy Holidays!

I am replying to my own message. Apparently I spoke too soon. I tested the "solution" on a couple of different podcasts right after I tried it, and it took me to the podcast episode I had left from. However, soon after I posted, "Yipee!", I found that it hadn't actually fixed the problem. Because of the chaos of the holidays, I am just now getting back to report the sad news. Either the "solution" only worked temporarily, or my testing of the "solution" was flawed. I apologize for jumping to a hasty incorrect conclusion. Ugh. Have a nice one!

The same thing is actually happening to me. I definitely spoke too soon too. If I log out and back in once, it will work, but then it immediately forgets again when I try to go back. It seems to work every time I try it though, and it seems slightly faster than scrolling through all the episodes like I had been doing. Obviously it's not working how it's supposed to. Hoping this is resolved in an update, but I found a thread on reddit where a few people were talking about this issue a couple of years ago, so I don't think I'll hold my breath..

I'm sorry you're still having problems. It is strange how it was working fine (at least for me), and then suddenly it stopped. It may have updated or something without me being aware. If I find a solution I will definitely post it. Thank you for your efforts toward the cause. Have a nice one.

I've had the same experience,  it worked for me until 6 months to a year ago.  It's very annoying.  Did you ever find a solution? 

I'm sorry. I haven't been on here in a while. Nope, no one has volunteered an answer. I'm still just wearing my thumbs out scrolling to where I left off. Did you get an answer? If not, I guess we're on our own. If I discover a resolution, I'll try to let you know. Have a nice one.

Sunday 31 March 24 - Updated Spotify. Sadly it did not resolve the issue.

The best I've come up with is logging out every morning, then using a one-touch samsung log-in thing on my phone to quickly log back in. Then it will it will go back to the last episode I listened to. It's still really annoying, but better than scrolling for a couple of minutes. I hate them for this haha

This is a really annoying issue! You shouldn't need to scroll though, you can just change the filter order from "All Episodes" to "Unplayed - Oldest". This was the default before which made life easier, not the default had unfortunately changed back to showing the first episode again. 

Hey this problem fixed itself in the past few weeks for me. I'm not sure if an update went through or what, but everything's fine now! Working for you guys?

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