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Stop pushing content at me


Stop pushing content at me

I paid for a subscription, I don’t want to your suggested podcasts on my homescreen, or any other suggested content from your AI, unless I go looking for it, like I used to with artist radio. Sure show other artist like this, down at the bottom, that’s fine, but when I can’t turn off enhanced shuffle on my own playlist, I will look elsewhere for content. 

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Did you get a response from Spotify on this issue?  I was listening to one of my playlists earlier and random songs that are not part of the playlist I created started to play on their own.  

I agree. How do we stop this Joe Rogan BS from being shoved down our throats every time we want to use our PAID Spotify account? I hate this Joe Rogan pro Trump **bleep** and I am fed up with having it always on my home page of something that Spotify thinks I'd like to listen to!

spotify need to stop pushing mumble rap at me, its just not my taste anymore! their better off removing the homescreen just like they did with the dislike button (btw bring back the dislike button!)

I feel the same.


I stopped consuming podcasts all together. I only listen one podcast now, perhaps not even that in a FUTURE. Too many podcasts, hours and hours long each, and they are dropping all the time! I am tired of listening podcasts. I want to live for dance music exclusively. Unfollowed 99,9% of podcasts and stopped listening them cold turkey. Now main page is still "New episodes" from podcasts you've listened and I just can't. I also wanted to listen from the oldest all, but it's too tiring. You just finish one podcast episode, and they drop new episode all week long. I want to reduce podcasts on home page. I never managed to empty podcast playlist in Spotify.


I've got 2 off it when listened just to add 5 more from new podcast episodes.

I agree, when my chosen podcast ends, I get the spotify podcast they choose to promote automatically playing.  I only want to hear the podcasts that I follow play and do not want to listen to the spotify "forced listen".  The spotify automatic podcast starts playing while I am driving and this creates an unsafe situation while driving.  I then have to grab my phone and change spotify to something else while driving.  Why can't spotify start to play my next followed podcast?  Why does it automatically play something that spotify wants me to listen to in the "episodes for you" area?  It forces Chris Coumo, Duncan Trussell, etc ... and how can I make it so that spotify never suggests a podcast that I know I do not want to listen to.  I can follow, save to episodes, and other choices.  But I cannot "remove from list and never see it in my list again" choice.

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