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The Espionage Podcast/The Rosenbergs


The Espionage Podcast/The Rosenbergs

I just finished listening to the espionage podcast about how the rosenburgs had stolen the secret plan on how to create the atomic bomb. The creator did a good job discussing the details of their deeds, however, they never discussed the amount of money the rosenburgs were paid. I am 55 and growing up I learned the rosenburgs were paid huge sums of money for selling atomic bomb secrets to the Russians. I find it amazing the narrators would leave out the real motivation(money) for their treason. In fact I tried looking it up on google and read on Wikipedia that they were paid a bonus for the atomic bomb plans. It said nothing at all about the other monies they were paid. And I know it was a lot. It is as though that information is taboo and has been wiped from history. I know they were played a lot of money. They would not gave risked their lives for free. Can someone tell me what the **bleep** is going on and why such info. Is being withheld.**bleep**

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