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Why Is This Garbage In My Homepage?!


Why Is This Garbage In My Homepage?!


Absolutely disgusting and un-thrilling. I shall now add "$L|_|t$" (gee, you think censoring the word will let people discuss that this type of content is able to exist on this platform?) to the list of things Spotify somehow thinks I am into.


IMG_5792.jpegAlso "true crime". In Florida, of all places. What about Nebraska? Michigan? South Dakota? Utah?



. . . and "astrology". Astrology, with ugly as sin graphic design. Clearly Spotify believes that my listening habits imply I believe that the positions of stars/planets/satellites will have any effect whatsoever on my life. Why is this garbage being recommended to me? How come this stuff does not disappear and get shuffled around, but I have to wait for DAYS on end for it to vanish, only to find it reappear once again?


I am wondering if anyone else had gotten disturbing/weird/inappropriate/irrelevant podcast recommendations. The powers that be may care not about what's going on here, but I do.

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As I would not want to edit my original post any further, I would instead like to show you this little gen I found once I got onto Spotify for the first time this morning:


Imagine if there was "White Artists are the Future". Now, I would not want to live in any sort of future dominated by one race. It is so strange seeing Afrofuturism/Black Nationalism everywhere when it is as bad as any other kind of racial nationalism/futurism.

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