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Re: Updated my premium account to family plan and was charged but my account hasn’t changed

Re: Updated my premium account to family plan and was charged but my account hasn’t changed

I have a very similar situation to the one explained above but can’t seem to resolve it. I had a Premium Account which my wife listened to when I wasn’t using it. I’ve now upgraded to Family so that she can listen to her own music when she wants it but I don’t seem to be able to get her set up as a separate user, despite following all the instructions of inviting her as a member etc. We have seen codes associated with her becoming a family member but at no point in the process are we prompted to use this code. As a result, we are going around in circles and getting very frustrated. It feels like we were actually better off with the previous arrangement but are now paying more for the privilege! I asked my wife to uninstall the Spotify app on her Samsung S7 phone, whilst I sent yet another invitation from my iPhone 6, all without any success. Can anyone from the Spotify community help?


Thanks in anticipation.


jim Harley

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Hey @jimharley.


Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the delay. Do you still have this issue?


You mentioned you were sharing an account. Just to confirm, has she already created her own Spotify account first? She can do so here.


If she does have her own account, then we'd suggest making sure she doesn't have another account with us that the invitation is sent to instead. Check out this article to find out more.


If she does have a second account, you can find out how to send her a new invite for that account here. Once she joins your plan, she can close her second account by following these steps.


Let us know how it goes 🙂



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We seem to be sorted for now but thanks for reaching out.


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