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Student Discount not working...Canada

Student Discount not working...Canada

Hi Spotify, 

So I just uploaded my student info for SheerID to verify-and once I immediately returned to my account, it was not applied yet.

1. Do I need to wait for them to verify my info before it can start applying to my account? 

2. My free trail ends tomorrow, and I wanted to apply the student discount to my first month paying. If SheerID doesn't get back to me soon, will I be charged 9.99 for this month as well as 4.99 when the student discount is verified? 

Thanks, any advice would be hepful. 

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Hey @Jared1998, welcome to the Community!


You'll need to wait for your student status to be verified before you can make a payment. We suggest you cancel your subscription here before being charged at the full rate.


Hope that helps.

Thanks for you help. The verification actually went through right in time.

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