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Student subscription not accepted

Student subscription not accepted

I've been using spotify for about a year and I absolutely love it. It is my most used app. I bought a regular premium subscription and once I started a college I found out that I could 4.99 for being a student. I've tried to sign up for a student premium multiple times but I am still being charged for a regular premmium 9.99

I've tried to contact spotify and even had to send in proof (trabscripts, college course currently enrolled) that I am a college student and i still get charged same amount. This is super fustrating because it seems like spotify doesnt want to give me the discount. I dont know what to do i have tried many times to contact them but they just ignore my requests. Any other students had this happen to them? Any help, please?

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Hey there @fhernanda1112, welcome to the community 🙂


That is very odd. What method have you been using to contact support? They usually get back within 24-48 hours. Also, in this matter, do you get an error when trying to verify your student status? In that case, it should be better to get in touch with the service that processes the verification in your country, like UniDays or SheerID, so that they can check things backstage on their end and see what's happening.


Let me know 🙂



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