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It’s just one advert keep coming up , advertising about Job in Australia care workers  not happpy at all

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You get ads because it has to have them. If you pay, then music is no ads.


I do get job ads in my Premium as well, on podcasts, but I just laugh at them. I might be at real job in 10 years if even then.


I hate working normal jobs and I will do everything not to work in "real jobs".

I sell mushrooms and berries on the marketplace or collect tin cans / bottles for deposit and make my living with savings.

Then they say but you need vacation from your life... you need real work to have more money for it.


I say to the most, this is the life I have no need vacation from. I don't even want to travel Maldives, no desire at all.


With my job I like, I barely make under half of the poverty line number. But I live and spend naturally less on stuff.

But I don't need to work daily, mainly long summer shifts when bottles and cans are thrown everywhere.

Sorry about these job ads, these irritate me as well. Their jobs had nothing to offer for me.

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