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Whosoever is paying Spotify to twist their algorithm needs to stop for heaven sake. No matter what songs I am playing, no matter whatsoever genre I am always, always direct to that one particular song I have no interest in listening to.  Spotify needs to do better than this, it's like that artist has bought them clearly 

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May be spotify needs a dislike button like as apple music!

why a dislike button maybe not listen to it 

Maybe you just need to expand your music tastes. Here is a couple playlists that may aid in doing that:


YEP, this also happens to me--almost every album or playlist goes back to the same song to start over and it's infuriating. I skip it every time, you'd think the algorithm would pick up on that!!!



While no algorithm is going to suit anyone’s needs perfectly, the general rule of thumb I go by is to feed the AI more data, and be specific about the data you feed it. 

Spotify’s services are engineered to keep you on the platform listening happily. The algorithms they use to recommend music are in part reliant upon learning as much as possible about your listening habits.  I’ve found that deliberately adding variety helps to  keep things fresh, so keep on feeding the machine, and the more it will churn out educated guesses for you. 


This is vastly oversimplifying how Spotify serves content, but it has proven to be a tangible means by which I’ve found a lot of great new music. Hopefully this is of some degree of help.


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