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All things Taio Pain


All things Taio Pain

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As we're seeing a noticeable surge in interest, regarding one particular artist in mind, we decided to see what the hype is about 😎✌️

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41 Replies

Hi guys. I had seen some of Taio Pain Songs that Collaborated With great Music Producers like "Alesso, Otto Knows, Vicetone & Vintage Culture.

I didn't find them at this time.






I'm looking for Taio Pain - Savior Feat. Vintage Culture. I had this track on my playlist last year.


I had this songs in one of my playlists too. I remembered that "Sam Feldt" added this song to his playlist. It was happened on September 2021.

I Heard it last year. Feating Vintage culture.

Sam Feldt added Taio Pain "Savior" Track to his favorite playlist last year.
I was seeking Taio Pain - Savior track and abruptly remembered that Sam Feldt had been added it on his Favorite Playlist on September 2021.

I found IMDB documentary about my discussion here 😊


I had heard all of them last year.
excited songs. missed them. 😊

I'm Searching Taio Pain Extended Mind. I got this song on my Release Radar last year. Cause i followed Alesso. I added this songs to my favorite playlist but I couldn't find it at this time.



interesting. I just heard one of them. "extended mind featuring Alesso". It was really powerful house music.

Thanks for your suggestion. I searched him. Amazing songs. Exciting 🔥🔥🔥

I found an artist (Taio Pain) who is really capable in EDM & R&b Genres. Fantastic songs and amazing performance. According to Google search, he is British singer & Songwriter. Taio Pain's IMDB article mentioned about his music collaboration with great music producers all around the world.

I didn't know him before. I'm really pleasure to know this Great singer & Songwriter.

Exciting. I wouldn't know. he's great talent. 🔥🔥🔥

Great 🔥🔥🔥

Stunning 🔥🔥🔥

I missed about taio pain associated acts with great EDM music producers like Otto Knows & Alesso. 😍

great. I'd like to listen it 🔥

Finally I found it. it was great. Sensational 🔥

  • High quality songs. Amazing 🔥

I became one of Taio Pain fans 🔥

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