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*DESIGN* New Font for Spotify - Spotify Mix vs Spotify Circular


*DESIGN* New Font for Spotify - Spotify Mix vs Spotify Circular

Spotify has been gradually rolling out a new font - Spotify Mix:


Is anyone else mourning the loss of Spotify Circular? It's only been around since 2020 and I thought it was incredibly clean while still managing to be almost bubbly.


Spotify Mix is not doing it for me so far - maybe it's one of those things that will grow on me as trends change but the harsh slant of the letters is kind of grating right now. 

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Also I find it funny that has not been updated with this font - though it seems like this site hasn't really been posted to since early 2023. I'm assuming their design team was heavily involved in this switch (but if anyone on the design team sees this... insight plz?)

Está horrível esse novo Spotify Mix, poderia voltar ao Circular ou então pelo menos nos dá a opção de escolhermos a fonte do app 

I am definitely mourning the loss of the previous font. It had a simple design and was easy to read. In fact, I never even thought about it until now - and that's a good thing. Fonts, for the most part, should get out of the way and let users focus on the content. They are merely conduits for communication - they should not be the focus.


This new one, on the other hand, seems like it's trying to grab attention. It's too busy and unconventional. It strikes me as being childish and immature. It really just looks like a modern version of Comic Sans. 


And the name... "Spotify Mix" is such a horrible name for a font. It can easily be confused in the context of a music player. When I first heard it, I thought it was some new remix or shuffle feature.


But I guess Spotify just has to keep trudging along and making their product worse... 😞

Circular was actually adopted as Spotify's official font in 2015. I don't know why that article says 2020, but it also says "Their old body typeface was from the Gotham family" which is also not true. Spotify's former font was actually Proxima Nova and the images are also from 2014. You can check a screenshot from 2016 where Circular was already in use here: 


I have mixed emotions with this font, at small sizes it works well, but I dislike it in big and bold sizes. Spotify claims that Circular was perfect but fell short in variants which could've been fixed by requesting the foundry to extend it. I also find it too inspired in Gill Sans, another font I'm not a fan of.

For me, it still used the Circular font, not the Mix font. Why didn't the font change yet?

IMO "Spotify Mix" looks like the open source "Montserrat" which you can find on "Google Fonts".

It just deprived them the virginity of the 'Spotish feel and look'

Today, I finally got the new font when I opened the app!

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