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Daily Login Badge


Daily Login Badge

I would call myself a trophy/badge hunter (when it comes to social media, i.e. I love collecting all the Snapchat trophies).

So of course, I want all the Spotify community badges, too. ;D

My question is: How do I obtain the "logged in (2) days in a row" badge? I've been logging in daily for a few days now and not getting any badge for that...

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I certainly want to earn this badge too. I login every day on Spotify Community... I'm always ready to help out people. Odd this is not working...

Right! I use Spotify every day running, working out, or even just for some Rocket League music (turns out there's actually a station for that lol). If every time I wanted to use the app I had to log in again, and log out when I left, wouldn't that be a huge inconvenience, a waste of time? Yes, I understand that thats what the trophy is for, and you have to put in work to get rewards, but that just seems like a bit of a hassle to me. After all, wasn't the Spotify widget created so logging in and out wasn't necessary? 

Before you start looking for those badges they're talking about:
The issue with the badges for daily logins was "solved" by removing them.

A decision that's ok in my opinion - if you can't fix the problem remove it completely.

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