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Did Spotify Development Team Know the Existence of this Community?


Did Spotify Development Team Know the Existence of this Community?

  • I'm wondering did the Spotify development team know the existence of this Community or even access it? As far as I speculate, it doesn't seem like it. It seems like it's just a community forum for the sake of having a community forum. 
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Look at where the community is hosted. Who do you think created it? 🙂

They do seem to ignore inconvenient topics, though, such as people asking for an option to hide podcasts features in the UI.

Hey, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community to post your feedback. 🙂


The Spotify Community forum is checked by Spotify staff every day. Spotify staff reply to threads to help solve problems that users are having. Feedback is collected and sent to the relevant teams. Ideas in the idea exchange that are popular are monitored to see what features users want the most.  Sometimes you'll also hear directly from some of the teams such as desktop posts from Dan. 

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All great MattSuda but it seems they do nbot get what 'users want most'. I know they probably won't go into any discussions about it but if they we're really here for 'us' they would have replied at least to a few topics who are exploding right now. They'll need to do some damage control before people will walk away because of the whole desktop drama currently going on where they clearly didn't implemented (or even listen to) 'features that users want most'.

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