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Does Spotify works in China


Does Spotify works in China

Dear all,


i live in china for one year, and need to know whether spotify is working fine in china using a premium account and if necessary a vpn connection? Does anyone got experience or can confirm or disagree using Spotify in China?


Thanks a lot in advance for your support.





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Yes, it works



Fine, Thanks!!


I will check this out this week when i´m back in China!




Hi Nico,


Is Spotify still working for you in China (I live in Beijing)? Wondering if you have the same problem as I do now: I seem not able to use it anymore.... error code 117 and always says its Offline despite me surfing the web fine. I use Astrill VPN, paid for a Spotify Premium account in Feb 2014 and used it fine with only minor connectivity glitches.... until the last two months of hell. Any idea what's going on here (the fault of China internet or Spotify?) Thanks!

From experience error 117 can come from your provider blocking P2P connections (which Spotify uses). Might be worth getting in touch with your VPN people?

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Thanks a lot Peter, I'll give it a try.

I visited China in March and it was hit and miss. I had Spotify Premium which allowed me to roam to "unsupported" countries; however in terms of phoning home back to Spotify it was hit and miss. In Shanghai I didn't have any problems, but in Beijing I kept having connection issues. Connection problems may have been from censorship, but I say it was more likely a bad connection. If Spotify doesn't work for you, it never hurts to try a VPN.


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No, your exsiting spotify account won't work once you are in China. Actually it might work for a few days and then stop working.


Spotify restricts access based on where you sign up your account. Once you've moved to another country, basically it won't allow you to use it there.


To bypass this blocking, you can use VPN to connect to a server in your home country. But the problem is that not all VPNs work in China. Some of them are blocked. You have to be careful to choose a one that still work in China. I would recommend this VPN testing sites from China:


And here's a list of the beset VPNs to be used in China:

Happened the same with me. I recently moved to Macao and worked fine for a few days and then... connection error. Did anyone find a good solution for this? Thanks.

Some times, "IF" i remember right, Spotify sets country for you. To change this, you need to contact Spotify Customer support and explain this. But this sounds like you have connection problems with ISP, so please try via VPN to confirm, your ISP is not blocking your connections.




China ISP may limit your international outgoing data; it will be very slow and unstable since GFW has yet blocking Spotify domain, the Spotify is theoretically accessible in China. But be aware if you are trying Facebook to login Spotify you will be denied cause Facebook is blocked in China.

  I lived in China for more than 20 years; I can honestly tell you no more VPN is stable and fast since network routing is way more complex. Try build by yourself if you can, or trying those service "pandafan (熊猫翻墙)", "eurekavpt". website basically in Chinese, however there customer service do understand English.

Hi , I'm Alessandro, from Italy. The next moth I will move to China, doses anyone know if spofy works in China without VPN? Thanks a lot 🙂

What's the latest? Does Spotify premium work in China?

Hi crunch1983,


I'm about to go back to China. Is it still working for you? I went back to Shanghai 1.5 years ago.  It wasn't working well then, it sort of works but buffers a lot and sometimes app couldn't load songs. I used to use VPN (中国国内用) I wonder if Spotify service has improved in China, have you ever needed to use VPNs?





Are you in China? Does Spotify work for you, do you need VPN?




I'm currently in China, it's been more than a month and I still have problems with Spotify even with VPN switched on. It changes all the time, but most of the time it shows me I've got no internet connection, eventhough I do and the VPN is on. It usually takes some time then it starts to work, but I'm loosing my patience with all that waiting. Plus the songs I had downloaded in my Premium account are not downloaded anymore.

hi, there. in china, spotify works via a vpn, here is how you can access and renew spotify premium in china

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To use Spotify in China, you must use a VPN. Otherwise, you will not be able to open its application. This site specifically tests the best VPN in China, you can refer to it. hoping it is helpful to you.

You need a VPN connection to launch Spotify

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