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Duplicate Local Files


Duplicate Local Files

I've found an issue with the local files feature when uploading my song to my PC then syncing it to my phone. The original song/file I upload will download to my phone like normal but after some time it will become greyed out. However, when I check the local files playlist on my phone it actually downloaded a second version of the song and removed all the spaces in between for some reason. While I can play this duplicated version on my phone, it wont play on my PC.

The Solution:

To combat this issue I went to the files app on my iphone. I then made my way to the Spotify file, then clicked on the Synced Files. From there I changed the name of the local file I am having issues with to the exact same name of the original file that is on my pc. After that the duplicated song turned into the original song and I could play it on both my computer and phone seamlessly.

Hopefully this can help others having the same issue.


(Copied from reddit thread) Renaming the files on my phone fixes the issue, but is not ideal at all considering I would have to rename 700 local files

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