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[Game] Ask anything, answer with a song!


[Game] Ask anything, answer with a song!

As the title goes ^

The game is simple - one can ask anything from what the weather is like to your best childhood memory to some funny questions, anything, and the next person answers the question with a song (in play button form), before giving their own question.


A few rules:
1. always give your own question after answering.

2. make sure you're answering to the latest post.

3. Community Guidelines. 🙂


I'll start off: What is your favourite color?


peace 🙂

543 Replies


Late night swim or late night drive? 😊


Selena Quintanilla 


“si una vez dije que te amaba no lo vuelvo hacer, ese error es cosa de ayer…”

translation: if i’ve ever told you i loved you, i’d never do it again, that mistake is a thing of yesterday




if you could go back in time and tell your mother one thing, what would it be? 


If you could be granted one wish, what would it be? 


The world is ending... What would you say to your loved ones?

can anyone tell me how to enable the canvas feature in spotify

My favorite colors are Dark blue and orange.

I even used it on our website where we provide software development services

My favorite colors are deep black and orange.

I even use when crate this website where we provide software development services.

I would say to loved ones:

#Which is your favourite music genre?

How Will I Know 


Can't Stand Still ?

Red by Taylor swift

Hej Hamikos9 what is goibg on, where are you man.

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