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Why it is not possible to use spotify offline via garmin watches? Spotify have an exclusive deal with samsung? As my experiences with samsung watches are really bad that would be a big disapointment!


Could be a reason for me to think about Deezer, i dont like the idea to get forced to teh products of one company - feels like by apple.

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I agree, Spotify please look at expanding your partnerships, especially Garmin. I am actually trying Deezer just so I can run without carrying my mobile. 

Thx, i also take a look now to deezer even when i am otherwise happy with spotify

I am also in the same boat and looking at Deezer eventhough i am very happy with Spotify.

Really don't feel like switching to Deezer. But if Spotify keeps ignoring its users wishes to use with their Garmin devices, what choices do they leaves us.

Spotify's silence on this indicates they probably took a big payout on Samsung, taking other users for granted.  Maybe we need to switch away from them if they keep treating us like this.


I am in the same boat.  Spotify posted in October that this was fixed and to be clear IT IS NOT.  When will Spotify work with Vivoactive 3 Music???  No responses.  I will need to change to Deezer or Iheart.  Terrible customer service.

I agree! This issue is still not solved and Spotify keeps giving standardized nonsense answers in the Garmin Connect App Store. It is frustrating to have the theoretical possibility to use Spotify on my Garmin smartwatch, but them just not fixing longstanding issues with the internet connection for downloads, especially as I am using the Garmin 645 Music(!)...

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