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I am trying to upload a picture to my profile and every time I try, nothing happens. It loads then dissappears. I want to use my own avatar and not the ones on the site. Please someone help.

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You're a Rock Star so I'm not sure which sizes are supported but Regular user avatar maximum size is 128x72 if I recall. Make sure you don't have Adblock enabled. Also try with a different web browser.

@user-removed Adblock is off. I will try re-sizing.

@user-removed unfortunately that did not work. This is strange.

Can you try to set your avatar with your mobile phone?

Maybe it's the file extension, try .png or .jpg.

Uploading via my mobile phone worked perfectly! Thank you @user-removed

Also Internet Explorer works correctly.

I'm using google chrome.

In my case Chromium didn't work but Internet Explorer did.

Safari works perfect as well. I'm just a chrome guy lol. I guess I'm going to have upload via mobile for now.

Same, I can't browse the internet without Chromium. I love beta testing and crashing apps, that's why I love Chromium 53 Dev.

Yes! Agreed. Chromium 53 is amazing. I really appreciate all your help. I tried to accept as solution but I don't see it.

I think Offtopic category doesn't have a Accept as Solution button available.


Btw, if you like to get rid off the so called User Menu right next to the Minimize button let me know. 😉

I'm not to sure what you mean but it sounds interesting. Tell me more!

Default look in Chromium with a User Icon right next to the Minimize button:





My look:




Check out Chromium53 here.


(Sync • WebRTC • Widevine • 53.0.2744.0 (395008) • Friday, 20 May 2016)


No syncNo WebRTCNo WidevineNo profile button • 53.0.2744.0 (395008) • Friday, 20 May 2016 < The one I'm using

I've always wondered how to get rid of that icon! Wow, yes, I would like to know how to do this.

Get this portable Chromium 53.


Just extract and open up chrome.exe, done!


I always prefer portable version over installer version, very easy to backup when you do a clean install. Also very easy to update, just extract the archive and replace files.

Man! Thanks a lot!

Small update for ya mate, the newest update for Chromium (without Profile Button) is currently broken, the code is completely revamped so if you don't like to watch Profile Button then do not update your Chromium. Just stay with the version 53.0.2744.0 and you're good to go.

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