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Heardle concerns


Heardle concerns

Try to filter out songs and titles that contain profanity or add an age restriction. I would be quite surprised that there is not a regulation for this somewhere.

Todays song was a title**bleep**’, I’ve never ever heard of it or the artist.

It would be nice to have a selection of songs from pre 2000’s, heardle used to quiz and entertain all ages.

please please make heardle good again!


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I agree with this completely! Today's song (I Don't Wanna Do This by XXXTentacion) was very explicit in the first few seconds. My children play this game with me (including a 7 & 11 year old). There was no warning given beforehand. No opportunity to filter out explicit content (unlike using the app for general listening, which is very easy). It is as if there is a policy that says "We must include explicit content." Poor form.

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