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Heardle not working

Heardle not working

Over the last few days, Heardle playback has been intermittent - and today I can’t hear anything at all.

Anyone else have the same problem?



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Yes, today was especially bad. I was able to get it to play, but the first second of the song was so delayed that I got nothing and had to skip. Spotify has definitely hurt Heardle more than it's helped. 

The songs since the cutover have had really long intros… I think the one you’re referring to was Meatloaf. The intro was silent for two skips before it began playing a note. 

Spotify has really **bleep** it up now and sometimes the whole song plays randomly if you lock your screen and come back to it. The algorithm is terrible and it’s a major disappointment. 

yeah mate it’s crud now, spoti proper ruined it. 

It has been awful the last several weeks. I hope Spotify can fix this. If super frustrating. Restarting does not help. The music just cuts out at random spots and then won’t come back on so you can hear it. The bars move as if it’s playing, but you can’t hear anything. Please help!!!

Closing the browser entirely and reopening gets the sound back but not for long!  Spotify are a bunch of **bleep**s for doing this.

Same issue as above. Heardle randomly stops playing. Refreshing the browser does not help. 

Been getting the same issue for a few weeks now, it’s so annoying

Same here. Really frustrated with Spotify. Thought it would be cool when they took it over and they’ve taken it to a point where you can’t even play the game. 

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