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How to submit feedback and ideas


How to submit feedback and ideas

How do I submit app feedback and ideas? I see a section in the forums here for that but I am seeing no way to actually submit anything there, just to read and respond to existing ideas that have been posted. What am I missing?

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Hey @LDMartin1959!


Here's a direct link to the Ideas Submission!


Can't wait to see all of your great ideas!


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Hey @LDMartin1959!


Here's a direct link to the Ideas Submission!


Can't wait to see all of your great ideas!


Got it. Thanks.

Thanks! You helped me too. I just submitted a request to copy text from songs, artist name, etc. from the app on the Desktop. I hope this will be possible because it convnient for searches on net. 🙂

every time  i ask my google mini to play some country music it keeps playing a playlist called country music 101..they are old songs and  i dont want to hear do i stop spotify from playing this far im having a pretty shitty experence since i have been trying to figure it out for over 2 hours..u need to make it easier to ask questions..i hade to google how to ask this question

The idea submissions page is completely empty.


it appears the new link is: Ideas - The Spotify Community 

This is the best app for music😍🎧🎼, my feedback would be to when you edit a playlist and move songs around there should be a photo album next to the song, it's confusing cause you have to go all the way up to edit and it's hard to and find the song that you want to move. Also have an edit sign anywhere so you don't have to go back up and then lose the song.

The only thing I can see on my settings is the option to change the language, and I need help to access my other settings. I would appreciate it! Thanks! 

you should definitely need a feedback system from users, your app experience sucks..


I don't wanna see stupid **bleep** related podcasts or astrology or smth; I don't even wanna see the podcasts, I bought this thing to listen music but there is no way you can hide podcasts that annoy you...


I bought tidal just because of that even though I miss some songs on it

Why can't I remove the shitty music tracks from the Release Radar or Discover Weekly ??????? 
You should fire your UX designer!

Music playlist based on previous album.. 

I am enjoying ur app it's real good to use 

And I have one request at first the Spotify

Is good but now please my request is that

in my Spotify the shuffle option is not able to off and it is asking to get premium we are not rich please available the free plan

i can't able to change the song and not able to do forward and backward the song plz enable the option in my Spotify ❤️🙏

This doesn't work.  It says they're not accepting ideas.  Which makes sense since they don't listen to anything they're customers want anyway.

Your message should appear at the top

Can people with Duo accounts send feedback too or do I need to go through my Husband's account?

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