How to view a playlist

How to view a playlist

Hi all, I'm quite new to Spotify and was at a restaurant recently where I liked the background music. Asking the manager about this he explained it was on Spotify. I know his user name & a playlist title but am unsure how I could now access this playlist from my Spotify. Any ideas please!?

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Hi there! 

With the search option you should be able to look up both his username and playlist.

With either option:


  • You'll be able to click on the profile and access his public playlists.
  • Directly access the playlist you're looking for.

When you find the playlist, you can click on the "🖤" in order to like and add the playlist to your library. Additionally, you can follow his profile.

I think I covered everything. If not, someone will chime in and provide additional context. 😊

Hope this helped a bit! 

Thanks for reply. I use Spotify on a desktop PC. The search option provided only asks 'What do I want to listen to?'. However, I really am looking to first search for my colleague, before I can proceed with anything it seems. That's where I immediately hit a brick wall!

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