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Limiting the access to your service


Limiting the access to your service


No words to describe all the horror happening in Ukraine.
Russia is bombing biggest cities of my country, killing civilians and threatening the world with nuclear weapon.
Refugee crisis is growing and millions of people have no place to live.
But I've never been so proud of the Ukrainian army and our president, they are doing everything possible and even impossible to protect us, often sacrificing their lives.
All the world is supporting Ukraine with unseen sanctions and humanitarian help.
But unfortunately it is not enough to stop the Russian invasion, their aggression continues.
The only possible way to stop this horror is to pay attention of Russian people to the war and motivate them to start peaceful protest against their genocide of the Ukrainian people.
As the most famous music stream service in the world you have this kind of influence.
We kindly ask you to join USA, Canada, European Union, Australia, Japan, UK, Starlink, Twitter, Youtube and other top influencers in their sanctions fight against the aggressor!
Limiting the access to your service for your users in Russia can help save thousands of lives.
The numbers grow each day.
Spotyfi and community You can help to stop this. Limit the access for all Russian users - save innocent lives!
Thank you,

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it's a terrible war going on in Ukraine. I admire the resistance of the Ukrainian people and their soldiers.  Volodymyr zelensky is brave a  president in reality and fiction.  


hey russian soldiers or russian rebels. Poutine must be stopped 

Hey community  Ukrainian.


 I calling a boycott people russia, oligarque russia and Vladimir Poutine.


So, the same power abuse, but unmeasured. I dunno, I think the only thing this solution is going to achieve is speeding up the import substitution, making the economy you hate better in the long run and long years of russophobia talks. If anything, it's gonna make more hate to western business and politics (which, if you didn't know, is always this way, sadly, except usually US is getting away with it), rather than make people think that they need mass protests (which are never peaceful, assholes are everywhere) and Ukraine 2.

I'd write a long message about neutrality, manipulation, 2 sides, how sorry I am, etc. but I'll just say that I've seen many videos where ukrainian soldiers are bullying the mothers of other dead soldiers, where people with ukranian accent are shooting while laughing maniacally, where they call for looting the churches, where they hit their own citizens with bombs, where people receive weapons on the streets and then use them against ukrainians, how Ukraine releases prisoners thinking it's the best idea, video reports about dead people with alive people in the body bags in the background.
So, sorry, I don't believe Ukraine is innocent too. Not that I believe "Poutine" too, but there are refugees from Donbass in my city that are saying their proud president did nothing to protect them before the situation, when you were living peacefully not caring much about them. So, I'll keep investigating the situation tryin not to favour one of the sides over another, and for the report from independent International Commission when this all finally ends

Dictator Poutine must be killed immediately by a Russian on the street.

от того, что были введены ограничения для российских пользователей не отменяет того факта, что Спотифай всегда был за "свободу слова", и я считаю что он должен был продолжать работу поскольку нужно людям освещать ситуацию в мире

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