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So I have a account that has Spotify premium on it and I woke up one day and my account was logged out none of my family has accounts access at all and I need help because I don’t know the password or email associated

With the account or username I need help badly and it took me a week to get to this spot we’re I am posting about it because I am not the best with technology but this is vary confusing and I have been a long time supporter of this company and want to continue but this is vary frustrating

that I can’t just call about a issue like this so if a helper or someone with power to do this would help a lot 

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Hey @skyler4867


Please follow this link to get in touch with Spotify Support. They can help you recover your account.

Good luck!





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Hello skyler4867 ,

Welcome to the Community!! 😉 glad you're here!!


It appears you're having trouble logging in to your account well i might have some steps for you and a FAQ to help you further.


If you're unable to log in to your account, let’s start with some basic troubleshooting, to try and help out here:

  • Check that you have an active internet connection.
  • Make sure you’re on the right login screen:
    - If you created your account with a username and password, enter those and tap LOG IN.
    - If you created your account with Facebook, tap LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK. 
    - You can also log in through the username field by using the email address linked to your Spotify account, and your correct password.
  • If you’re a Free user, you can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days at a time:
    - Reconnect to Spotify from the country you signed up in, or change your country settings.
  • Close and reopen the app.
  • Restart the device you’re using Spotify on.
  • Reinstall Spotify.

You can read the rest of this post here that's provided by Rorey that's rank Spotify.


I hope these steps and the FAQ help you solve the issue with your Spotify Login. Please consider leaving a like and accept this post as solved, there free and you can always revoke your likes. Best of Luck 🙂

I can't login my acc cuz I think I've forgotten to conform it after I'd opened it.. now I can't create a same email account and I also can't login my account;)

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