Longest Playlist (2022-23)

Longest Playlist (2022-23)

So I've been on Spotify for almost 3 years and I haven't had much activity recently. So I was determined on making the longest playlist possible on Spotify with @j04. So the current playlist specs are:


Songs: 10,400 (still going) (updated)

Duration: 124,765 hr 20 min (still going) (updated)

Duration: ~14 years


The playlist we made isn't made up of actually songs, but just the same repeating podcast 10,400 times. I'm really interested in what other people's longest playlists are. If anyone has an even longer playlist, do feel free to share it! Do drop 'em here~


The longest playlist (as for now) can be viewed here: 


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nice. I'm going to listen to it now see you in 14 years.

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