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Music Trivia... Ask a Question and then use the "Spoiler" for the answer


Music Trivia... Ask a Question and then use the "Spoiler" for the answer

Who is the youngest Grammy winners?



The Peasall Sisters

Ages: 7, 9, and 13

Leah, Sarah, and Hanna Peasall were thrust into the spotlight when they contributed to the soundtrack for the Coen Brothers‘ hugely popular movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The sisters provided the singing voices for George Clooney’s daughters, the Wharvey Girls, in 2000. The compilation ended up winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2002 and made the trio the category’s youngest credited winners for their contributions to the album. Leah remains the youngest person ever to take home the coveted prize, although she only performed as part of a group.



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Hey @musicorumgenius


Nice idea!


Who is the richest DJ in the world?


Calvin Harris with net worth of $240 million 🤑 💰 🎧 


Oh wow I guessed wrong lol!!!  I was thinking someone else.  



What famous musicians couldn't read music?


The Beatles
Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Eric Clapton
Eddie Van Halen
Bob Dylan
Jimi Hendrix
Robert Johnson

Are we not supposed to answer the question? Also, what is this Spoiler feature? I can answer the third one, I believe.

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Hey @MadmanOnWheels


Good question! I think @musicorumgenius will let us know how to guess with answers and see who's got it right. 


As to the Spoiler feature, it allows you to hide a specific part of text in your post that could serve as a spoiler for first time viewers/listeners. To use the Spoiler feature you need to start writing a response. While writing in the post editor you can see the following bar:




Click on the three-dots menu at the end and it'll expand to




Now you need to click on the warning triangle at the end of the first row and you'll be able to use the spoiler box within your post.




Hope this helps. 



You can either keep your guess to yourself or you could write in your guess as a reply for us all to see before you click on the "spoiler" to find out the answer.  Totally up to you.  If you're feeling extra good, you can type in your own question and write the answer using the spoiler feature.


I've always wanted to find ways to get more interaction on this Spotify community instead of just posting songs and playlists.  It sucks I put a lot of time into it and I never really truly know what type of impact I am doing for my time.  I try to make it a point to not just leave a like on someone's suggestions; I want to make sure they know via a written message that their time isn't wasted and someone put me on to a new artist or song.  While playing around with what you could do on here there are a ton of awesome things that many people do not utilize on here.  For example, using macros makes having a signature as simple to put in without typing it all out (as easy as a click of a button).  I was experimenting with the "Spoiler" button on here and thought of this idea to do something different.  With everything else, it's totally dependent on the people of this community.  It can be a good idea or not.  My hope is that we can be more of a community than just a forum where people post songs and playlists. 


Ivan did a good tutorial with how you can get to the spoiler button to work.  When you click on that button it will create a little rectangle where you can type in whatever it is that would want to be hidden until someone clicks on it (spoiler alert)...  I just figured it would be a very useful tool to do a trivia game with the community.     

Cool idea, @musicorumgenius!


The name of which modern psychedelic rock band means “geometric patterns” in Japanese?




AdamDamSpotify Star
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I had no chance lol!! But I'm about to check them out!!!



I am digging the band too.  Always classy!!

Thanks, Ivan

I definitely do hope that it helps. I don't know if I'm supposed to use it, but I will look at the reply from musicorumgenius, for that.

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Cool deal, musicorumgenius


I had a couple trivia games going, a while back. Maybe they could be revived, if you join. You might search "Trivia MadmanOnWheels", to find them. I'm definitely interested in music trivia, if it relates to what artists and bands or aspects of music that I'm into.

I was confused on the third question, because what's in the spoiler looks like a multiple choice setup. I don't know the amount of people that the question applies to, but I know of one of them that it does. I didn't quite understand the game, the first time, so I already looked at the spoiler. I guess it applies to all of them, then, if the spoiler is supposed to contain the answer/s.

It's cool that you reach out to people, to tell them that you discovered music through them.

I don't really know what macros is, but it seems cool. I definitely understand how boring it can get on here, because it gets to be the same old thing of people just posting songs and playlists that many people probably aren't even listening to. People pointlessly follow others, in order to be followed, which doesn't actually help much, unless they listen to those playlists, and they listen often. I'll give this a try. I hope I do it how you intended. Thanks for the help.

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Which Rockstar discovered Van Halen?


I just found out that I don't have the "Spoiler" feature. I guess it's only available on computers.

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I couldn't help but have to research that.  It was going to bug me until I knew.  Now I do.  


Gene Simmons

Who had the best selling album of all time and what was the name of the album?



What is one of the nicknames for Page McConnell (keyboardist from Phish)?



Chairman of the Boards, Leo

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Which singer is a godmother to Elton John’s two sons?


Lady Gaga 🤣 🍖 👗 


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