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My AdBlocker won't block ads in Spotify Web Player


My AdBlocker won't block ads in Spotify Web Player

  • I'm a Spotify Free user. I have downloaded a cracked version of Spotify (APK) for my phone to get some premium features, but for my PC, there is no exe file for a cracked version. Using the Spotify Desktop app from the Microsoft store wouldn't work because it would had ads, so I thought, why not use the web player, my AdBlocker will block all the ads. Wrong... While it blocks banners for sponsored music, audio 30-second ada still play. Is there anything I can do?
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Yes. You can collect few tin cans on the street, deposit them and get free Spotify Premium.

This is the way I do it. You need approximately about 70 tin cans to redeem 10 € Premium month Spotify at the store.


One tin can here €0.15 when deposited and recycled.

Hi @SotosTsorb,


Spotify is designed in a way where Basic Plan users have to listen to ads (whether it is audio ads, or visual ads, etc.) so that Spotify can remain free for Basic Users. There is no way that you can disable the ads whether the web or app version. If you want the ads gone, consider getting the Premium Plan! Where I am in Hong Kong, it costs as low as HK$348 to purchase a 6-month Premium Plan Gift Card.


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I just wanted to say that "what do you mean for just HK$348? I converted this to to euros and it is 41€. In Greece the Spotify premium individual fee is 6,99€.

Hi @SotosTsorb


I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in Greece, but in Hong Kong, it is considered rather cheap to have a music subscription at HK$348... I didn't mean to sound braggy or mislead you. Sorry if it was seen that way... All the other music platforms in Hong Kong cost at least HK$500 or more...


Hope this helps, and sorry!



The 41€ plan was for 6 months of Spotify Premium, and it's about 7€ per month.  Like most subscription services, Spotify has different pricings available for different markers, depending on the purchasing power of the region.


Regarding adblockers, it's against the ToS to use any methods for avoiding ads (even though everyone is doing that with Youtube especially). Advertisement money is a major income for the service, but if you want to get rid of ads, you can either subscribe to Premium membership, or start building your own collection of music by buying individual songs and albums that you love.


Hope this helps, have a lovely day 🙂

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@Sebasty, thanks for clearing the confusion!

Speaking of YouTube.

They started to offering Unlimited ad free subscription only for 6,99 € in my country.

It basically does nothing else than removing ads.

I think Spotify might consider Spotify Lite plan to offer right away, for half the price of regular pricing.

I know many people in Finland who can not afford even one month of Premium despite we have great social help here.

Usually these people spend their money on alcoholic beverages instead of Spotify Premium for example.

I do watch YouTube too, so I might consider to subscribing their Lite plan without ads on mobile/laptop forever.

It's only 47 tin cans more to find each month 🤣

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