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New personal idea. Re-brodcasting radio station from spotify


New personal idea. Re-brodcasting radio station from spotify

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Hi There,

I want to share my idea. Spotify facilitates my work! I have a radio station online. Using Spotify, I do not need to think how to create a good playlist and Search for a song in websites. I thought that would be a good idea to re-broadcast the songs from Spotify. use of radio broadcasting program "Radio Boss" and of course Spotify, but music plays from Spotify. Spotify send the audio signal to the radio boss, Radio Boss signal transmitting to the streaming server. Of course, there are one additional channel that plays radio jingles. So, now I can broadcast to listeners high quality hit after hit 24/7! Thanks Spotify developers for this great music platform! P.s You can and write me in what's on your mind. Maybe I'm not first decided a similar idea? If anyone have something similar share.



Hi there!

I'm started a radio station online too with "Radio Boss" but i can't link the spotify to stream on the Radio Boss. Would you share the steps?

It would be nice and helpfull. 🙂

Hi, could you please let me know how you linked Spotify to stream on the Radio Boss?






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