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I can't seem to upload playlists to anymore. I just get the message; "There is no active transaction". Is the site down, or what?

9 Replies

I get the exact same problem with every submission.

Yep. First sent me through an endless log-in loop of "Can't find that page," then trying to upload a playlist gets "No active transaction" in both Chrome and Edge. Apparently this happens when the site that has to do the heavy lifting (Playlists) doesn't recognize add-ins or apps on the side where it's getting the data (Spotify). definitely is granted access to my Spotify account. There are a handful of fan-engagement apps that also have access, plus lastfm and Facebook. At least some of these had access the last time I successfully uploaded a Playlist, and I'm not eager to turn off all of them until someone at Spotify indicates that one is causing the problem, as these are all normal apps that a lot of listeners have.


This needs a solution from Spotify.


I've been having the exact same problem, and then in February, I was able to upload one playlist. I've tried to do it again but it's gone back to no active... warning.

Trying to post to I keep getting there’s no transaction what is the issue someone please help are there other sites that I won’t get this problem and if so what are they ?

I managed to upload a few in February/March as well. It was hit and miss then, but now - nothing. 

I looked into this and there are other users having problems uploading playlists to that site as well.


Since it was bought by Warner Music Group, it looks like Spotify can't do much about that anymore.


You can try standard website troubleshooting, such as incognito mode, removing cookies/cache and trying different browsers.


Hope that helps 🙂

I am unable to upload my playlist to playlists. net.

I'm still getting an error message as of July 2019.

There is no active transaction.

I had a similar problem, the message I got was: "There was a problem submitting your playlist. Please refresh the page and try again." I tried refreshing several times and nothing, I tried with IE and Firefox browsers and didn't work, then I tried with Chrome and it worked perfect!

I hope that works for you,

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