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Question Of The Week : What is your favorite way for...


Question Of The Week : What is your favorite way for...

Hey there,


Thanks who you want, it's Friday... 😀


That means it's time for a new Question Of The Week.


What is your favorite way for discovering new music ?


Don't hesitate to add a new song released today as it's New Music Friday.


Enjoy your week...

SoundofusSpotify Star
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Oooh — good question! I usually start my Mondays with Discover Weekly to discover new music but I think the main source for music discovery is my friends (and also the Stars) who recommend me songs! 😄
HuboSpotify Star
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Personally, I have many ways for discovering New Music. First of all I am going to eliminate what is absolutly not useful for me. I mean playlists like official Spotify New Music Friday or Discover Weekly are mostly full of what I usually rarely listening because is too much bad mainstream music.


Playlist Release Radar was interesting when it has been created, but since some time, it's not relevant anymore as almost half of the songs are one week old, and it contains also remastered or remixed songs which, for me, are not new releases.


I know, I am picky 😁


My favorite ways are some trustful sources among some online music magazines and some few people I trust. But, before all, my favorite way is an excessive use of my ears listening all what I can find here and there by digging the new releases. 😂


Here is a song released today from the new album of the British band Metronomy...

SoundofusSpotify Star
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Nice to hear about your secrets @Soundofus! 😄


I always say there’s no such thing as bad music, it might just not be your taste! 😉

HuboSpotify Star
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Well, that was just a few "secrets" I have some others but I don't talk about 🤣


And yes, "bad" is maybe not the appropriate word but you can classify under that all what is made without creativity but just following a "receipe" working, unfortunately, all over the world...


I can give you an example of a receipe : a young teen girl around 18, lightly dressed, surrounded by other similar teens dancing on a video, singing a song built on some basic chords..

Of course you can have the same receipe adapted for teen boy. All will be in the hair cut with a cleverly arranged lock of hair above the eyes... 😂


It sounds like clichés.. that's true.. but I could also develop the receip based on tattoos.., or the receipe based on bad boy/girl look,  etc... 😂

SoundofusSpotify Star
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Great question, @Soundofus!


Similarly to @Hubo, I’d say that as of late, the greatest source of music discoveries for me has been recommendations from friends (usually @StompingLlama). 


I also sometimes discover music from periodically checking out playlists that I follow on Spotify (or that I find while browsing the “Discovered on” sections of artist pages on the desktop app); and less frequently, from the "Album picks" section of the Home screen.


I also haven’t had very much luck with discovering music that I like in my Discover Weekly playlist as of late (although to be fair, I haven't been checking it every week). However, I do occasionally find new music that I like in my Release Radar playlist.



AdamDamSpotify Star
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Good morning from the EST! 


I have several sources of discovering new music:

1) The number one source used to be "Friend Activity", it's still a great source as I've been able to contact most of my friends who listen regularly. Certain people have certain tastes and its such a unique feature and the place I've found most of my new music.


2) Shazam has also been a savior; I rock climb regularly and the gym is always playing unique music, so I nab it up with Shazam. I really like the feature with Spotify that saves Shazam "Shazams" as a playlist.


3) Discover Weekly and Release Radar are a tie for 3rd place, I even follow a few friends "Release Radars"


4) Lastly, the "Browse All" section after clicking the Search button is a last resort; sometimes I check Charts or New Releases, it's rare but still a nice feature of Spotify.


As for new music Friday, I've been eating up the new Big Thief album "Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe In You" 

This is my favourite song from the set:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hi Soundofus! Excellent Question, these are a few strategies for discovering new music that I found helpful.

A common way is listening to user created playlists. Choosing the right playlist can be overwhelming at times but If you navigate over to your favorite Artists and scroll down to “Discovered On” you’ll find great playlists. Take in consideration it only works on Desktop unfortunately. 😕


Another trick is to check “More Recommended Songs” at the bottom of your playlist, new songs will appear by selecting refresh. Discovery Weekly can also help you find new music so check back every Monday.

I mostly get recommendations from my friends and siblings. But I also love to look around and find something new! I like one thing Spotify should add a “I am feeling… buttons” to find something to vibe to.

I like your many ways keep on doing what you do!!😁

I'd say following favourite artists on social media and keeping a watch for whatever they may recommend is nice, but what really trumps it for me is being a member of communities that are very open-minded about music. Three record label servers, two servers of music-loving friends and a community server offer all so much that i simply have no time (and energy) for anything else.
Hundreds of (thematic) playlists put together by users, album listening parties, people going "This released today and it is awesome" across all kinds of genres :')


It is tricky to find a server that feels cozy enough. Public servers are the kind of places you should avoid by all means, i feel.


Going through new additions in my favourite genre playlists made by is another method that I (perhaps lazily) like to take on. As well as playlists held by artists whose music tastes I'm fond of.

I do all sorts of things. From going to similar artists to the New Albums section, to Release Radar and Discover Weekly, but I find myself getting bored or annoyed by the fact there is not really a good way to keep on listening. All these methods seem to "wear out" at some point.

After complaining to my friends about it, I figured why not create a solution instead and share it with you guys and gals here on the platform. So that's what I did. I just submitted by idea through the Idea section and you can read more about it here if you're interested:

As the title suggests, it's basically a playlist generator, but can be fine-tuned based on preferred familiarity and release date.

Would you want to use this feature if it were to become available in Spotify tomorrow? 🙂 Let me know what you think.

So yeah, that would probably be my preferred method of discovering new music.

I often look at my favorite artist radio. I’ll also look at my daily mixes

I like to choose a song that I like and get on the radio for that song or artist.
In this way, I find both novelties and classics, which I would not otherwise have known about.


🇧🇷Eu gosto de escolher uma música que gosto e entrar na rádio dessa música ou do artista. Dessa maneira, encontro tanto novidades como clássicos, que de outo modo não teria conhecimento



me too

So far, I usually listen to playlists. However, the thing that I find very limiting and quite frankly frustrating is the fact that I only see playlists owned by Spotify.


I always considered Spotify to be quite diverse and open minded, but nowadays it seems like they are using their power to provide playlists filled with their preferred music, which I believe is not a very user-centered approach.


Therefore I would argue that Spotify would benefit from more community, co-creation and social interaction. Needless to say, it should not become a full-blown social media platform, but at least shouldn't build a "walled garden".

Yes, you're reason. You must know there are reduction bases in music industry as to be generating money which are similar to communication in medias, plus one detail. I mean.

The detail is what is known tv be a "money-maker": it is a melody you can memorize in one second, containing souvenirs of music listening or in music history, ancestral rythms and sounds, that permit to produce emotions in the brain, reminiscences, and these money-makers have to be the less music notes as possible, because you have tv make people sing this melody all the week long night and day. It is quite difficult to find a good money-maker, and to generate new money-makers thinking to the number of parts in Copyright and Droits d'Auteur.e societies that have been written and certified.

The principe in media communication is simple, "the 4 axes of the communication": time proximity, local proximity, blood and date proximity meaning age meaning young people. I let you decode the hypocrisy and even to make the link with women and young women rights in the world.

These five principles are where I don't want to go, and you seem to also fight against this situation. It is social, it is musical, it is economic, and... a disaster even for environment.

There is way where young dancers and young composers or singers should not go, it is the industry, the musical industry, that is catastrophic. If you think topeople why "take their chance" and go after having read "Casting" or other magazines that are not journalism, they never sign contracts with majors nor independants, because someone who wants to work in music has to have the level as if you want tv work in informatics you need to have the level in informatics. People that compose in music industry have diplomas in music, and some singers in variety music have also diplomas... but their Working Contractual Act named in french a "Contrat de Licence" contains an "option". Go and see what is an option in the domain of contracts in music and you'll see it is a slavery. Sometimes, often, industry societies don't give a cent on a new LP because Rights have been paid before the publication and diffusion, as for artists can eat something, or they are paid three percents for five musicians, or they have "avantages en nature" signifying they have no money remuneration, but all is paid by production society... if producer is o.k. for spending money.

I prefer my status and my solfegic researches.

If you want to know, before you can win money with music, it has been a necessity to vote laws about streaming and Digital Service Act etc. But one think is sure: it is not because you have an idea for a music piece that it will permit you to win your life. There is no receipt, and if you want to apply the principles I have told you, it is not the keys for winning money obligatorily. If you try without having a minimum of luggage in music, I can tell you to be very careful, because you won't write very much audios and it will not be sufficiently clearly realized I mean choices about techniques to compose or record or sing and so on, and it will not be sufficiently good for public ears to become professional. In informatics, people who win money have the competences, in music or painting etc, it is the same thing. De Beauvoir and Sartre have win money with philosophy, because they were really philosophes and writers, they've never published polars, same thing for De Balzac, etc. Remember that composers who compose for music majors have a real level in composing, have made solfegic studies, have proposed a real and concrete cv with diplomas, same thing for actors, scenarists for the cinema, etc.

But what you have said is also used "business as usual", because it permits to win... for producers... a lot of money... producers, I said.

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