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Question of the Week: How does your music taste compare with friends/family?


Question of the Week: How does your music taste compare with friends/family?

Hey Everyone!


Hope you've all had an amazing week. 


It's time for another Question of the Week!


          How does your music taste compare with your friends and family? 


Is it similar? Is it vastly different? Why do you think that is?

Feel free to drop one of your favourite playlists you share with any friends or family, too!


Personally, I've found my music taste to be quite broad! Most likely because lot of the people around me have so many different music styles, which they've all introduced me to. 

One favourite among me and my friends is my old school playlist - which has some of our favourite 'old' hits! 



Have a great day!



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Great question, @Bella_K!


I’d say that my music taste tends to be somewhat different from that of my friends and family.


I tend to be pickier about some genres of music more so than I am with others, psychedelic- and especially stoner rock being two often-overlapping genres for which I tend to enjoy many songs, and listen to the most often according to my weekly reports. However, I feel that most of my friends and family don’t listen to music within these genres very frequently, if at all.


I would guess that there are probably many factors that could explain the discrepancy between my favorite genres of music and those of my friends and family, but I can't say for sure what they are. Perhaps one reason is that my friends and family simply tend not to appreciate how music from these genres sounds, and so they choose to listen to other genres of music instead that they tend to enjoy more.


Another reason might be that stoner- and psychedelic rock are not relatively popular as genres; and by definition, more people would be likely to listen to more popular genres of music compared to less popular genres—such that having relatively unpopular genres as my favorites, from a probability standpoint it’s not likely for me to meet like-minded listeners by chance. In this vein, I often notice Spotify followers in my Friend Activity panel on the desktop app listening to artists (not within the stoner- and psychedelic rock genres) with very high monthly listener or follower counts—sometimes numbering in the millions; and I can’t think of very many examples of stoner- and psychedelic rock artists I enjoy listening to who are also so popular.


Fortunately, there are exceptions where my music taste overlaps with other people in my life; for example, thanks to the Spotify Community and its Chat area, I’m glad to have met and conversed with some Spotify users over the past few years who also appreciate my favorite genres of music—and have even shared artists and tracks with me that I greatly enjoy listening to.


I hope you're having a great day as well; cheers!

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Hello @Bella_K 

That's a nice question 💚

When it comes to my family,I find that there's really nothing to compare to. I must be the only one who's addicted to music. 

As for friends, I've actually managed to find some with virtually the same music taste via the internet. I've had blends showing 92% and 94 % on people I'd never met.

I still prefer to think I listen to music that most of them don't know. I consider myself something of a collector so I listen to pretty much any genre and any artist. This basically means I've probably played all the artists you play but you haven't played half of mine 💀.


Anyway, I made this playlist   for friends I met through Facebook last year and it's one of the best things I've done online imo ❤️


Take care 🎧🖤

TaylithSpotify Star
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Very different, it's almost underground tekno.

They don't listen it a lot, but for me this music is heaven. Hardcore, techno, hard dance... anything edm.

I always feel isolated from society. I think it's weird, I can not find ANY tv or radio station to my taste!

You don't feel included, but you have Spotify, you never mind.

I like 90% of what my mother listens to, but the percentage is much smaller the other way around. Like @Taylith, I'm the only music listener in the house that has something playing every single day, and majority of it is electronica. Liquid funk, d&b, halftime, neuro, bass music and experimental electronica are my most listened to genres of music, but in my family circle I'm the only one like this.


My granny has a huge collection of cd's, but she listens to completely different kind of music. Ricky Martin seems to be our only musical connection. 🥲


I have the biggest compatibility with people inside the Nomark server. We all listen to Amon Tobin (Nomark is his record label), but i've also discovered some splendid artists from the members, and also the other way around. Sadly they're all scattered around the world, so can't do real-life listening parties or anything. Someone should invent teleportation already.

My playlist matches with my sister😊

Very often my family or close friends are laughing as my taste of music is very particular! I can listen to the classical music in the evening to chill, and when i drive i would listen to the most typical Pop music ever. 

Don't send nudes send me your playlists! Good matches in music usually mean more than wed like to think. Family wouldn't know, most of them are not on Spotify. Friends usually above 80%, special ppl above 90%. It is also about what does not match, great opp to find new music they know and you don't. Here is a great playlist Ive put together with my nieces and girlfriends 

I think the best translation for this question is this playlist. She's totally out of line with what people close to me like.

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