Question of the week: Stack-up?

Question of the week: Stack-up?

Good Friday everyone 🎧🖤


Time to put away the week's baggage and let your hair down 💅


Also, it's time for you to share with us some track/s from your library which you got from friends and now completely love.


The idea is to have each post have one more track than the previous, beginning at 3 songs in the first reply.


Have a great weekend 🎼🖤

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This list was really hard to make because I stay on top of the latest releases, therefore I'm the one usually recommending songs to my friends. 🤣

However, there are a few tracks my cousin brought to my attention before I knew of their existence. They are some of my favorite tracks to date. 😊

The first is "All Me" by Kehlani. I was familiar with the song from the teaser she shared on her social earlier that year, however, I did not know Keyshia Cole was a guest artist. I was pleasantly surprised!

The remaining songs are from a Spanish soap opera about a Colombian singer/songwriter taking revenge on the man who send her to jail and made a career with the songs he stole from her 🤧.

I was not expecting the soundtrack to be SO GOOD! There are a few songs I love, however, these are my TOP 2.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else shares. 😊

Great question, @Taylith!


The first two songs I’ll share are ones that I discovered from attending a recent listening party hosted by @StompingLlama (both are songs that he added to the collaborative playlist we were listening to):


  • Despite already having two tracks from this album by the instrumental psychedelic/stoner rock band Grotto in my Spotify library, for some reason I hadn’t paid much attention to their song “Giant’s Den”; however, I think it sounds amazing and I immediately saved it to my Spotify library upon hearing it.



  • Later during the listening party, I heard “Eclipse” by the psychedelic/stoner rock band Arenna for the first time. I thought it sounded quite nice, but it wasn’t until just a few days ago that I revisited this song and realized just how amazing it is, proceeding to add it to my playlists as well.



The other two songs I’ll share are ones shared by @Soundofus last year in his playlist that is regularly updated on Wednesdays, which includes new music in the psychedelic- and space rock genres (last year it was called “[New Releases] #AltWednesday (Psyche/Space/Alt.)” and this year, it’s called “[New Releases] Psyche Space 2022”).


  • I hadn’t heard of the psychedelic rock band Congulus before discovering their song “Kervan” in this playlist, but I greatly enjoyed listening to it and immediately added it to my playlists that day. Later I added 2 other songs from this same EP to my playlists as well.



  • “Irrlichter” by the psychedelic/space/krautrock band Acid Rooster is another discovery that I found on this cool playlist last year, and added to my own playlists after hearing it for the first time. "Irrlichter" is also still my favorite song by Acid Rooster.




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