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Reach your goals


Reach your goals

To get to Point (B), you first need to know the reality of your Point (A)

This analysis of point (A) is called RA (Reality Analysis). It was W. Timothy Gallwey, creator of the Coaching method, who developed this concept.

Many people cannot achieve their goals because they are not clear about where they are, they always start their projects focusing only on the point they want to achieve. For you to get to point (B), you need to understand what your point (A) is like, in this way, you will have the reality of your starting point and you will be able to organize things so that your goal is achievable.

Tim Gallwey understood that to achieve our goals, we need to optimize our starting point. And how does this concept work in practice?

On a sheet of paper you will list the reality of your Point (A) and then describe what you need to do to optimize it, then describe how you idealize your Point (B) and what you need to do to get there . there. In doing so, break these steps down into smaller processes, create tangible goals, and outline the methods that will help you achieve those goals so that, in the medium term, you will reach your goal.

This is practically what Coaches do, through specific questions they help their coachees to optimize their starting points to achieve their goals. So, if you dream of being a successful artist, stop now and do an analysis of your current reality, find out what is preventing you from getting to your Point (B) and optimize it. Improve your starting point and you will find the means to achieve the long-awaited Success.

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