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Spotify Connect - suddenly stops playing


Spotify Connect - suddenly stops playing



I got my iPhone, iPad etc connected to a Radio Menuett reciever, and playing songs throug Spotify Connect. It’s been working very well for a few months until yesterday when it suddenly stopped playing. Mostly after a song is finished, but also in the middle of the song. I have restarted all the devices (iPhone, iPad, radio), checked for new updates and reconnected to the wifi. When I press play, Spotify jumps to the next song.


Could this be a problem with Spotify Connect?

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Dear all, I had the same problems and I think I found a solution (at least on my device). I have a custom ROM Oreo (8.1) running on my Sony Z3c. Since the problems only occured after the upgrade to Oreo and the whole thing smelled like "battery saving" I went into the App Manager. Here I dived into the settings of Spotify and deactivated the "Android Battery Optimization". Ever since (well, about two weeks) my Spotify continues running.

Maybe you have similar Battery savers active without knowing. Hope, this helps.


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Hi - I am seeing exactly the same behaviour on my Yamaha receiver.

See here:


Spotify have obviously changed something 😞



Similar problem here:


Looks like Spotify have changed something 😞

Having the same problems as weel with a harman kardon receiver and spotify connect. Worked well for years, but since yesterday it stops playing at random times... 


@qwyxldex wrote:



Similar problem here:


Looks like Spotify have changed something 😞

I can’t open the link you sent.. Does it say anything about what Spotify have changed?

I have the same problem with a Harman Kardon AV receiver, it worked well for about two moths that I've had the receiver but in the last few days it plays a song or two at the most and then stops.

It's been noted across all types off devices running Spotify "hardware". Not sure how to escalate it - anyone?

Basically rendering them unusable...

same here - i use Teufel Raumfeld with connect, just keeps on stopping and stopping. 

same with my YAMAHA R-N402 receiver...

I'm experiencing the same issue with my Pioneer receiver.
When chosing my receiver on my Macbook it will also disconnect from the receiver. When I then choose the receiver as playing device again it pauses the music as it connects again, making it impossible to have a seamless listening session.

Glad I'm not the only one with this problem. Using a MEDION internet radio. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Same here with two Samsung phones and a Lenovo tablet! And on two different Spotify Connect devices (made by Pure)

We're having the same issue with a B&W Zeppelin and also a Sony STR-DN1080 A/V receiver. Both of them are using Spotify Connect.

I've tweeted @SpotifyCares to report this issue. Please all do the same, so that they can see that there are a number of us suffering this problem!

Anyone still having problems? It worked for a straight hour today after restarting my router. Don't know whether it was restarting the router, or whether something was fixed somewhere, but it seemed better today.

Same issue here with an Auna Connect 150... Very frustrating.

I do see the same behaviour since a few days with my Samsung HW-K950 sound bar. Doesn't matter, if I start it via Android (8.1) or PC (Win 10).Hope this get fixed soon!

Touching wood here but I haven't had any issue for an hour now this morning

I had it run successfully for a couple of hours last night

"same here - i use Teufel Raumfeld with connect, just keeps on stopping and stopping."

I also have the same problem with Teufel with Spotify, but since today the problem seems to be disappeared... now playing song #5 without problems, and before it stops after song #3. 

Already put this problem in an other message.

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