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Spotify - Positive Effects for Neurodiversity


Spotify - Positive Effects for Neurodiversity

Not sure if this is necessarily the right forum but I wanted to express to Spotify my love and appreciation for how you have helped my son Lukas.  Lukas was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old, and through the years trying to open him up to communicate has been difficult.  

In 2018 I first downloaded Spotify and did not realize the effect this would have on my or Lukas’s life. Spotify opened a door for Lukas like nothing else has.  He is able to fully express what he wants and what he likes in the truly random music he selects.  His selections range from Mozart to The Weeknd and everything in between.  He is now 12 and has made his own playlist that he adjusts and mixes when he wants. 

I don’t know if there is a possibility of Spotify joining with organizations like Autism Speaks, but I would encourage you to consider it.  

I truly can not express enough how much Spotify has changed Lukas’s life.  It makes me emotional and happy…and I’m sure Lukas will find the perfect song to show that.  Thank you Spotify!




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