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Spotify and the Urdu Language


Spotify and the Urdu Language

When Spotify first launched in Pakistan, I was happy to see that they had also launched Spotify in Urdu and thought there may have also been Urdu-tailored content on Spotify. But I was disappointed to find out that not only was the Urdu language removed but there aren't any Urdu-tailored playlists like there are for Hindi and Punjabi (yet to see any Pakistani Artists in the Punjabi playlists), and instead recommends those for Pakistani Spotify. That's bit of an insult considering how strongly people from these regions identify with their language.


I mean you have Spotify in Bengali, Hindi, NEPALI (!) AND the various different Arabic dialects as well as Hebrew (ie. Right-to-left languages), with playlists in Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi etc but not Urdu, top 10 most spoken language in the world, spoken in both India AND Pakistan?


Come on. I hope Spotify at least differentiates between Hindi and Urdu, and can make Urdu playlists.


Edit: So by chance I looked at the languages again, and Urdu is there again (for Spotify Account settings) but the translations are okay at best. A lot of words are just transliterated and not actually translated, for instance Setting is just "Setting" instead of "ترتیبات" (tartībāt) and Account which should be "کھاتا" (khātā), as well phrases like "Log out" which should "خارج ہوں" (khārij hoń) etc etc. Localisation isn't great.

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