Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service


This company has got to have some of the worst customer service I have ever seen.


i had signed up for the premium back in may when they were running the promotion of getting both Spotify and Hulu for 9,99. This month however, my plan to the family plan despite me being the only one that has access to my account. Even though I have my receipt and have payed for it for the past few months, they claim that there is no way to restore the Hulu part of my account and blaim me for not having my account more secure.


After a few very condicending emails from two different reps they claim that the only way to give me my old account is if I have a student email. They say it's just not possible that there is absolutely no work around. Give me a break! Absolutely horrendous way of running a business; Spotify should be embarrassed.

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I don't know hulu my self. What is exactly your problem? You don't have access to your account? Or you have to pay for spotify which was not what you wanted?




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