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Time Machine for making playlists from Lastfm history of listening


Time Machine for making playlists from Lastfm history of listening

Hello everyone, for a pretty long time I am working on a service

It was started as simply the tool for making Loved songs consistent between Spotify and Lastfm

you know there is no issue with scrobbling but when you click "like" on Spotify it does not appear on Lastfm. So my tool is fixing that


Then it comes as populating loved songs on Spotify with all you loved songs on Lastfm. You know, to get good recommendations when you've just started on Spotify or simply to be able to easily find in one place all the tracks you ever loved.


Then I noticed that few times missed my Discover Weelky cause I didn't check the account in a week. Maybe I missed some musical diamonds so to avoid of that Discover Weekly Saver appeared: it simply saves current discover weekly playlist into another one (so when discover weelky will be updated you still will have an old version in your account to listen it)


And just now there is a new thing appeared which I really want to share with you: I call it Time Machine cause songs from some old days are sending the brain to that days hehe. So what is:

you are seleting dates of you lastfm history of listening and aftre ahile you will get a playlist on Spotify with songs from selected period in the same order you've been listening them. Hope you will find it usefull and enjoyable 


P.S. one guy already collecting ALL hist songs from lastfm and there are something like 370 thousands of them. So yes, you can grab all you history and put it into spotify playlists so here is a link one more time 

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