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What Was ?


What Was ?

What was the last item you bought images a must... ( keep it clean please😉


I'll get this started.


Orange Zipper Earphones ( Because i love orange ) 😉



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I don't think I've ever seen 'zipper earbuds' before. Does it help with cable durability?


The last thing I bought was my gaming headset. Razer Barracuda X (the older one without Bluetooth, these, but black)

They don't get used that often, yes cable durability is really good. i just liked the design thought it was different and i love things that are different, And Orange is my favorite colour.


Would of been nice if you had a picture ?. maybe next time. 😉

Here's a picture @DigitalSuicide





Unfortunately i do not see a image... LuLz 

For my own money - medicine.
With my family member - food! 😊


Zipper earbuds are a fun design, looks to avoid some of the tangling issues that at least I get with my earbuds.
Cables usually fail from either the buds or from the plug, because that's where most of the bending happens.

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