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What are you doing right now ?!

What are you doing right now ?!

Hey Guys !

So what are you doing right now ?!
Feel Free to post everything, and let us know what you are doing at this moment. 

- Jordy 

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after an exhausting christmas shopping, iam unwinding listening to some smooth jazz

@RenegadeAlpha wrote:

after an exhausting christmas shopping, iam unwinding listening to some smooth jazz

Did you know rthis?


Join in. No gifts from me to anyone.  I don't even gift my friend who lives outside my country, because when we see 1-2 times in year in same city of other Country, we enjoy our time together. Best gift!!! No need for money.


Otherwise we chat or use video chat.

I'm working on some homemade christmas cards 😄

I'm creating a DJ Mix of songs from new bands that all remind me of New Order 🙂

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My laptop is repaired. Toshiba Satellit, this time 2 weeks, writing problem. Not posted especially all the time some letters and things like 3, f, c, v and shortcuts some were not working. Now it works. They replaced keyboard and touchpad. Writing is again pleasure.


But now I need to redownload the things because I uploaded Offline also to my laptop I got for time mine being in service, and I think Spotify might go crazy if I remove this one laptop from Offline in online pages.


So I removed them all and now 48 hours of non-stop mobile data 1 Mbps 3G. First I am downloading laptop and then when ready phone. Because it is 1 Mbit, so it will load faster in laptop when I let the other for later.


So I am downloading... It works very well actually, as I can keep my phone on charge all the time. So let laptop download stuff all night long! Glad it is Unlimited joy for 9.90 € month to get 1.5 Mbps / 0.5 Mbps line with 3G and no limits.


I am also glad to have my HD Ready laptop back. Because the laptop I used 2 weeks, it was full hd and same 15" screen and text was so little, so I was unable to read it well. I think it is because too much resolution on too little screen. So I was unable even to recognise difference between , and . 


Now I see them as I have my HD ready back. Never Full HD on laptop again 🙂 Enough of it in 2 weeks!

Absolutley nothing.

Listening DCL002!!! WoW!



Meow meow meow release!

Trying to get kudos to be a rising star, and blasting Roses by the chainsmokers(: I can't get it out of my head!!! (And frankly, I don't wanna!)

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

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right now, posting about on multiple forums and...listening to the beatles.


I'm watching The Revenant...and thinking about Di Caprio's mood if he wouldn't win the Oscar this year :°D (obviously...I'm joking! He's become a great actor)

Posting on here when I should be doing something else 😛

While listening to my Discover Weekly playlist

Listening the discover weekly while I'm waiting my crossfit daily workout!

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