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Why I am leaving Spotify


Why I am leaving Spotify

Hi. I wanted to share the message I would like to send to spotify but I can't find a direct contact method. I thought it best to share it here.


I would like to end my Spotify Subscription.

It is important for your company to understand why I am canceling.
I moved to Spotify because I learned the CEO of Pandora was a MAGA donor, and I was not comfortable with sporting him with my hard-earned money.
Now I have learned that the CEO of Spotify has laid off a large number of workers and made a statement comparing his employees to LLMs, saying that he sees them as the same thing. This is a deeply dehumanizing statement and clearly the perspective of a billionaire sociopath. 
Furthermore, I understand that Spotify is going to reduce the rates it pays its content creators even further.
Music is a personal thing, and it fuels and soothes every part of my life, be it work or leisure.
When I learn that the music I am paying for is supporting a person, I can not tolerate the reprehensible behavior of that music then becomes tainted and no longer serves its purpose. Every note I listen to is a reminder of the cruelty of the person at the top, and it can no longer soothe me or fuel my work.
I wish you, the person reading this, good luck working in such a company. I am hopeful you will be able to land on your feet at another firm when you are inevitably mistreated and downsized.
Also, I am taking several of my friends with me, who I have already told about the CEO's behavior.
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