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Why custom tags ideas are being actively rejected?


Why custom tags ideas are being actively rejected?

During the past few years, I've been hoping Spotify would add a "custom tag" feature so I could organize my songs based on tags rather than playlists. It's such a rudimentary and useful feature that I thought it was weird it was not implemented from the beginning.


Fast forward multiple years, and there seems to be no hope to get this feature at all. So I thought maybe I should take a look at the forum and see if anyone else has posted the idea and if not, I may be able to post it myself. I found 4-5 people proposing this idea (I'm sure there are more) whose posts have been closed and the moderators closing the ideas have mostly mentioned the "Checking for existing ideas”  rule, including a link to the original idea, which is this:


It is posted by a user whose account was removed in 2012, meaning that it was posted 10 years ago?!! The idea, with 1,711 votes was rejected in 2018 with the following reason: "Not Right Now". Based on the dates, if my understanding is correct, it seems to me Spotify has no intention to add this basic feature. While I understand Spotify has the right to decide what features to add and what not to, I am curious to know why this custom tag feature is being actively rejected?

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